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In life
always it takes
a goal.

Sometime I would be vectorized, adaptable to every situation. But I am a f***ing bitmap, so if I get big everyone can see flaws, if I stay small no one will notice it.

Degree: Graphic Designer.
School: Aldrovandi-Rubbiani Institute, Bologna.
Jobs: I work in the creative side since 2005. Now I am a graphic designer at MAKED.
Style: I like the minimal design, the essential sign and geometry, with a particular element making contrast.
Skills: logo design, identity, layout setup.

Curriculum: #linkedin
Portfolio: #behance

Last projects:

I use to do portrait, loving the intense closeup, fashion and conceptual photography with models.
I always bring the camera in my travel, taking around the World.

Style: portraits, still-life, street photography.

See all my snap: #flickr | #500px

Last projects:

Fabio Giannasi Nella vita ci vuole sempre un obiettivo

Degree: Graphic Designer at Aldrovandi-Rubbiani Institute, in Bologna.
Job: I am a graphic designer at MAKED.
Photography: portraits, still-life, street photography.
Hobbies: Arts, travel, photography, sports.

Bologna - ITALY

Cell: +39 3936517342

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